Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reality Check

Friday marks the start of 2010. Resolutions abound this time of year -- losing weight, stop smoking, eat this not that, work less, blah blah. Years ago I stopped making resolutions to not do things and started thinking of things that I could do that would enrich my life and the lives of those around me. Oh, wait, that was Lent. Nevermind.

My Christmas present from Frank was twofold: a trip to Vegas to see Garth Brooks (half of which I paid for) and a gym membership (which I've been desperately missing since we moved two Julys ago). So, my "New Year's Resolution" is to make weight loss a priority - a little generic and unoriginal but a big deal for me. However, there is strength in bandwagon numbers: the area gyms are all running promotions. I've been researching a few, and we ultimately decided to get a YMCA membership. Some friends have it which means that we can all take classes together or have pool playdates over the summer. Also, it was the best bang for our proverbial buck. The whole family has access to Y programs (Olivia will be starting swim lessons in 2 Saturdays!), and the monthly fee is still less than some other gyms. Ultimately, though, the number 1 reason we sought out the YMCA: they are running a special right now, waiving the application fee ($150). SOLD to the family on the left with the 9 month old! Oh, alright, we'll take the 1 week free trial membership just to make sure.

Today I decided to check-in with my current bad-ass self... turns out I'm more flabby-ass than bad-ass. Still, I woke up this morning and said, you are going to evaluate what's going on with your body. This was, truth be told, a tad depressing. Once upon a time I was a size 4/6 wearing a cute string bikini and heels (not at the same time -- I'm not a porn star). I had muscles and abs of steel. Now I have the knowledge that I have abs underneath the stretched skin surrounding my navel area. Overshare? My bad.

The silver-lining? I've lost 36 pounds since giving birth to Olivia. My shape still wears clothes well... as long as they have no waistband whatsoever. I eat much better than I did before... except chocolate and Chick-fil-A. In fact, I've only gained 0.4 pounds since my last Wii weigh-in one month ago. (To be fair, though, I had lost 2 pounds before the holidays and gained 3 over the holidays.) And I've always felt like cardio-workouts were the missing link. The necessary chute in my Chutes and Ladders Game of Life. The Gabba Gabba! to my Yo.

So, today I stood on the Wii and saw that I had 30 more pounds to go and a BMI of 28.43%. I looked at myself in the mirror and watched in horror as parts shook even though I stood motionless. I felt the pain radiating from my thigh- and butt-muscles due to the mere 35 mins on the eliptical machine yesterday. I realized that in signing Olivia up for swim lessons, not only would she need a swimsuit, but so would I. Then, I went to the Y and made the temporary membership a permanent full one. Angels sang. Wait, I'm sorry, that was the pain resonating in my bum still. So sorry for the confusion.

So here we go, friends. Off on a mission to lose the rest of this weight. Join me. Or at the very least, support me.

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