Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Adventures in the Second Spica Cast

Inspired by Kirsten and Baby Emory's recent adventures, we decided to try some new positioning for Olivia to get her off her back! She's been unhappy with the bean bag of late so we tried putting the boppy around her for support. She really enjoys it! We've discovered that with this new cast, we can move her legs so that there isn't much weight on her knees. We also thought it would be cute to showcase her recent love of TV shows like Yo Gabba Gabba!, Wonder Pets, and Sesame Street. Don't worry, these are only watched in those tough moments when she seems unsoothable or when we'd like to eat with both hands.

This second cast has been lovely because it ends just above Olivia's knees. We've enjoyed seeing her chubby little legs and watching her kick away. There were some new problems managing this cast; specifically, with her legs being exposed, we were afraid that she would get cold at night (especially now that she is in her own bedroom with working air conditioning). We ended up buying the Circo Bobby Socks aged 6 - 12 months at Target because we were able to pull them up almost all the way to her knee. Then we discovered the best product: (also at Target) the baby legwarmer! Incredibly overpriced at $10 for just one pair, we sucked it up and bought what has been a lifesaver. They are just perfect for keeping her thick little legs warm (hence the name, right?). We only wear them at night or when the room seems particularly cold so as to prevent wear and tear (who can afford spending another ten bucks??). They had some adorably trendy designs, and Olivia just looks super cute in them!

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