Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear Mr. President

Shortly before Olivia arrived, Frank and I noticed a blurb in one of the parenting magazines regarding keepsakes and other fun momentos. According to the blurb, if you send a birth announcement to the White House, you will receive a congratulatory note from the President. Since we had nothing to lose, we gave it a try and sent an announcement in June. Then, life happened (and this blog!), and well, we forgot about it.

In mid-October, I checked the mail and found this (look at the return address):

What wonderful surprise! So, to all you new parents out there -- send an announcement (don't forget to write your address on the back!) to President Obama, c/o The White House. It's definitely worth it, and your little one will [hopefully] be super thrilled when they grow up that you took the time to mail it off!

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