Monday, January 4, 2010

Post-Resolution Thoughts

I weighed in this past Saturday and am down 0.2 pounds. A baby step in the right direction and thus a victory! My plan [with Frank in agreement] is to work out Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, Saturday mornings and sometimes on Sundays. Building off of last week's holiday momentum, I stuck to my plan.

I ended up making the core conditioning class at the Y which rolled right into "dance aerobics."

1. Dance aerobics turned out to be zumba which is awesome.
2. I'm a Latin dancing queen.
3. I cannot feel my arms or legs because both workouts were so good.

1. Someone asked when I was due on the way out.

I now need to go to every class in order to not look pregnant anymore. (Mwah Mwah)

And the PROs have it! I'll be going back.

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