Monday, December 28, 2009

All I Want for Christmas...

is my lower front TOOTH! Lost? It's ok, let me fill you in.

On Wednesday, December 9th, Olivia started to get sick (two days before a well-visit - that's why I remember). It was a tiny cough. Nothing to be worried about. At her well-visit, Dr. D. checked her lungs (fine) and determined that it was probably from all the congestion and post-nasal drip (yummy). The following week was filled with a very sick baby who spent two days home from daycare coughing thick, mucousy coughs (I think I posted about that, though not in such tantalizing detail) and another trip to the doctor (again, just a cold). This led to the snow weekend where both Liv and Daddy were sick (I definitely posted about that) and Mommy wished school hadn't closed (I'm being honest - it's MY blog).

Side note: Olivia has been sleeping through the night since she was about 5-6 weeks old. This bliss came to a tragic end the week of Christmas when Olivia decided sleep was not her style. Admittedly, she also had that amazingly hacky cough. There were several days - er, nights - in a row where she was up from about 1am - 4am. This created some super cranky days... for everyone... Ev-Ree-One.

So Frank and I were going back and forth -- teething? Just sick? She's been feeling better (still coughing like the dickens when she wakes up) and sleeping through more of the night, so we assumed it was just a blip. A sickly, hacking blip. Then, last night, Mom Mom found it. Found the poke of her first tooth breaking the gum. And today it was the tiny top ridges of the lower [her] left front tooth. Of course, she's still miserable but all in all much better. Cross your fingers for a full night's sleep!

Since we obviously don't have any pictures of her tooth [yet], I'm posting pictures from Christmas (you know, that minor holiday we just had) which was full of fun and excitement. Olivia did eventually get the hang of opening gifts. She loves her maraccas and drum, courtesy of Santa, and her homemade board book, courtesy of Mommy (there will be a future post about that). Frank videotaped the entire hour long event, which we are going to try to edit and get online somehow. And Ive decided I need a better camera; one that takes good, clear, non-flash photos when other people use it.

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