Monday, December 14, 2009

Customer Service

I know I've plugged the website pretty frequently. I've snagged quite a few amazing items from the site (I'm sure everyone is familiar with the baby legwarmers Olivia is often sporting). For those of you not in the know, it's a website that offers one baby item deal at 50% - 80% off retail price each day, posting at 9am MST (11am EST). On cyber-Monday, I made a purchase, but several days later I found two packages in my mailbox. Since I had bought something else in the interim, I opened both and was surprised to see two of the same thing. Worried that I had clicked the "submit purchase" button twice, I checked my receipt and my credit card -- I only paid for one. Now, many people out there would have said nothing, kept quiet and just silently prayed that no one would notice. But I don't want that karma around Christmas! So I e-mailed the customer service people at Babysteals and asked how I could get the item back to them. Well, several e-mails later and one re-delivered package that the post office wouldn't "return to sender" (policy says it can't be opened), I asked for a prepaid mailing envelope. Customer service wrote back: I just spoke to the warehouse and he said - just keep them, as our gift to you - Merry Christmas, hopefully you can find a good home for them! Wanja

So, thank YOU, Babysteals, for your generosity during this holiday season. And to anyone reading this post, pass the information along -- is a fantastic company and comes highly recommended by me!

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