Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowed in!

For those of you living in a box, the East Coast got slammed with a huge snowstorm this past Saturday. Our area got about 17 inches of snow! It reminded me of my childhood, except no one knows what how to drive or clean off their sidewalks and cars. We've been stuck inside for a bit because of it, but I thought I'd post the pictures I took. And just so everyone knows, I cleaned off my car - not Frank. Thank you very much. I also shoveled our porch (yes, our porch!) and most of the sidewalk. It took me two shifts and over 2 hours, but I did it on my own. Who needs a man?!?!

These two photos were taken from our front door before I even went outside. In hindsight, I should have taken a picture of all the snow on the porch (probably around 2 - 3 inches) but you'll see the aftermath of my shoveling below. And yes, there is a road behind the cars...
This as the porch after I shoveled and swept it.

This is the alleyway between our house and the neighbor's. We share the walkway. Eventually Frank shoveled it because we keep the trash cans behind the house. The unfortunate thing is that the melting snow will cause this alleyway to become a huge sheet of ice. You can see it starting in this picture. Luckily, my husband minored in the application of rock salt in college.

This is a shot of one of the cars for a guy who lives on the street. To be fair, this was more a snow drift/plow pile than a result of the snowfall, but still, it's pretty impressive.

And here is what I had to do to get to my car. FYI, there was a ginormous pile of snow (see the above picture) in between Frank's car and mine which I shoveled... and carried to our yard so as not to dump the snow into the street... which an a-hole up the road was doing. Are you sensing my anger?

This is the road-side of my car which I had started to shovel out. I ended up taking a break at this point simply because I was exhuasted. Yes, my tire was covered. Yes, eventually I had to shovel the plowed snow away from car so that it could hope of getting to the road.

And here is the front of our house. Normally there are small bushes and grass, and yes, the pile of snow created from shoveling and car-cleaning was pretty much as high as the fence.

My car hasn't moved still because after spending all that time cleaning it off, I don't want to lose my space! Thank goodness, my school closed today!

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