Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baptism Photo Shoot

A few days after the baptism, I did a little photo shoot with Olivia in our upstairs room where the light is perfect. The photos came out really nice (for someone who has no idea what to do), but it helps that Olivia is so photogenic (well, ok, she was being a peach about it).

The dress still looked beautiful, but for some reason, she seemed like a peanut in it (now that I could focus on the moment and not stress about everything else)!

I enlisted Frank's help to try to make it go faster, and really, to try to get a better full-length shot. You can see him in this one where she is trying to eat the dress.

And after about 20 minutes I remembered the bonnet... as you can see, Olivia by that time was not so into it.

Luckily she did not demonstrate any of this during the mass on Sunday! Enjoy!

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