Saturday, June 27, 2009

Love Assets

My recent run/walk felt good throughout; however, my thighs did not. The other unfortunate thing about the weight difference is that I don't have many workout clothes that fit, so I've been scrounging to find the shorts or tops that I can squeeze into without embarrassing myself in front of the neighbors. I'm also remembering why I bought a lot of compression shorts -- you know, those sexy, tight, lycra-like shorts. For those of you who are size zeros, you may not know this, but some of us have thighs that touch. Gasp. I know it's tough to imagine but not everyone walks around wearing shorts or skirts pain-free. Especially on these wonderful, northeastern, humid days. Nothing like a good thigh-chafe to get you going in the morning. Now, in the sports-world, there is this amazing product called Body Glide. For those of you non-athletes, it looks like deodorant but you spread it on areas of your body that could chafe after long periods of movement. For me -- the thighs. It's like wax or vaseline or something and prevents chafing. It's fantastic; in fact, I use it for non-running events (when I need to wear a dress or skirt sans pantyhose), too.

In order to get to my point, I need to share another story for background purposes. About 4 weeks after I had Olivia, Frank and I trekked to Long Island for his cousin's wedding. Frank was a groomsman, so while I stayed with Olivia in our hotel room (it had a kitchenette complete with refrigerator, which is why I agreed to take a 4 week-old), he attended the wedding. So that I could participate in something, his mother agreed to watch Liv while we both went to the rehearsal dinner. I wore a dress that I had purchased to wear for this, another wedding, and Olivia's baptism. When I tried the dress on, I was feeling okay about it. I thought I looked pretty good considering I had just popped out a kid a few weeks before; it wasn't my first choice but nonetheless, a good one. I was able to do my hair and make-up for the event, and I even wore heels! I was feeling so on top of my game. Four weeks after giving birth to a baby girl, I was wearing make-up and heels! And then it happened. A moment that totally shattered my self-confidence. A woman (my own gender betrayed me!) said when are you due? Sigh. And bam, just like that, shot through the heart. I ordered wine immediately. When I told her I had just had a baby, she apologized, told us of her under 6 month old child, and tried to regroup. But the damage was done.

In light of both of these stories, I knew I had to do something for Olivia's baptism that would help hide the post-partum tummy weight and keep my thighs from chafing (so that I wouldn't have to wear stockings with open toed shoes). So I ran to Target in search of some sort of body suit -- a compression short for my whole self, if you will. After frantically searching the many options for what would be best, I found "Love Assets." Or at least that's what I called them until I realized that's just the website; the name is apparently just Assets. They came in tops AND bottoms (priced separately of course!). I was a little ambitious with the size I got for the bottoms -- I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to do squats to get into these, and I may have heard a seam tearing (which I will never admit out loud). Ultimately, though, they did the trick! I'm not gonna say that they took 10 pounds off or anything, but no one asked when I was due. And they should be good for all future events, too. So here's to my love assets... and the body suits, too.

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