Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bon Voyage!

We said good-bye to Uncle Paul this past Sunday (tear). He moved far away to Michigan to be with Ashley (so really, it's a good thing), and we are super excited for them (but a little sad, selfishly). Here are some pictures from his last day in Pennsylvania [for now]. And really, when you look at them, can you blame him for leaving? And we also said a temporary good-bye to Aunt Gi, who went back to Indiana to finish her masters program at Notre Dame. Frank's mom may never be the same. I think this means lots of visits from Mom Mom!

The whole Ingiosi Family (3 generations already!)

The Ingiosi Children and Olivia

The Ingiosi boys and adopted brother Tom with Olivia

Uncle Paul and Olivia being super cute

Aunt Gi being goofy with Miss Livie Lu

And here is what Miss Olivia was like at the end of the night... God help us all!

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