Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That's obese!

So this is day 7 of my new sched ule. I've been waking up at 5am, pumping and then exercising before showering and eating. Before Olivia, I would have stared in amazement at those people up in the pre-dawn hours, working out or just getting things done. Now I get it; I get the desire to accomplish things at the pace that existed before life with kids. I try to be "mommy ready" by 7am even if I still have to eat or shower. Olivia wakes up anytime between 7am and 9am -- but I usually wake her by 8am so that our schedule remains somewhat the same. We are blessed that she sleeps about 10 hours through the night without waking. I guess that is God's gift to us given everything else. Thank heavens for small miracles, right?

I completed my first week in the couch to 5K program. I'm so happy to be running again. The program is designed to ease the body into running for 30 minutes or 5 kilometers straight. I missed running a great deal during the pregnancy... and I may have gained a little bit of extra baby weight with the sharp decrease in workouts. My goal is to run a half-marathon again. I plan on being able to run the 5 mile Narberth Run (late April) and the 10 mile Broad Street Run (early Mary) in 2010, but I'd also like to do another half. My lofty goal is to be 13.1 miles ready by the Philadelphia Marathon [and Half-Marathon] (November) but my second and more realistic goal is to get to the Disney Princess Half-Marathon in March 2010. I think I've convinced my husband that going to Florida during Spring Training so that I can run 13.1 miles and get a tiara is feasible with an 11 month old. Cross your fingers.

Anyway, most days I also do the Wii fit -- either with more aerobics work or some sort of core/balance programs. The makers created a pretty neat "game" that charts your weight, BMI and general progress all while working on strengthening your core to give you better balance and posture. It's fun, but as a "player" you need to take it in stride. Obviously I'm not at my best weight right now. Once upon a pre-pregnant time, I weighed 137 pounds... now, not so much. And it's quite lovely stepping on the Wii balance board for my daily body test (to note my current weight, BMI and "Wii fit age") and hearing: Too busy to find time to work out yesterday? I kind of wish it was cyborg in nature and could hear my comment back. Ever hear of a day off, jackass? Or the day that -- gasp -- my weight fluctuated up 1.5 pounds. After flashing the reminder that weight fluctuates about 2 pounds in a 24 hour period in one screen, the damn thing had the audacity to ask me what I felt was the reason for my awful weight gain. Then it reminded me that I needed to work hardER to reach my designated goal. But my favorite part of the body test is the point when it shows you what your BMI (body mass index) is and how it's classified in body types. For example, a healthy BMI is 20 - 25 (ish). Other categories include overweight and obese. Considering that I gained more the recommended 20 - 25 pounds during the pregnancy, it isn't surprising that my BMI falls into the obese category. When the Wii reveals this information to me, a tiny voice in the background yells That's obese! Fantastic. Thank you. I now have the self-esteem of a 12 year old in co-ed gym class. Great.

But it takes 10 months to gain the weight so I can't expect overnight miracles. Not for weight anyway. Off to chisel away at that label!

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