Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today's Doctor Appointment

Olivia had her two week follow-up with Dr. Bowen today. Good news! Everything looks just as it should. Her hips have set into place, and he is just looking for the bone and socket to develop. Little Miss Chubs gained some weight (which is really a good thing!), so he needed to put spacers in her cast. This meant the cast woman, Amy, taking a buzz saw like thing to the cast covering Liv's legs and adding in small spacers. I won't lie -- the buzz saw was a tad intimidating. There's definitely this feeling that your child's legs could be sawed off if anyone moves the wrong way. Olivia, in usual Livie fashion, just laid there, chillin. If I can get a good photo of the spacers, I'll add it to this post later. Otherwise, they look like the plastic pieces that hold up the cardboard characters in boardgames. After they got positioned in the newly cut cast, Amy taped up the edges again and then added more red fiberglass on top. So, in all actuality, the spacers just look like weird things jutting out of the cast -- all Frankenstein-esque. As usual Olivia is handling the more spacious cast like a peach. We are two very lucky parents!

We have another appointment in 2 weeks to monitor her progress and growth. In all likelihood she will need to be recasted (which requires sedation)... I'm actually looking forward to a new, poop-free cast (selfish, I know). Make sure to check back for the update!

We met two wonderful couples today who have daughters in Pavlick harnesses. We would like to wish Caroline, Luke and baby Taylor as well as Rohina and baby Sadaf positve harness thoughts. Your beautiful daughters will be hip-perfect in no time! Please keep our family updated on yours!

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