Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Very Merry Un-Birthday!

It's that time again! It went by so incredibly fast with me working. Our baby girl weighed in at 14 pounds 14 ounces during a BF Mom's Group weight check; this is slow going, but we just started solids so I'm sure she'll pork out soon. We'll know her length at the 6 month well-visit so no updates there. It's fun to see how she's grown since I've started doing the monthly photo shoot. And, yes, her brace is off (again, not allowed but so much cuter...).

At 6 months, I can now ...
make vowel-consonant sounds
say mama and dada indiscriminately
"sing" (very cute according to Mommy)
keep my head up when on my tummy for a good 15 minutes
try to roll over (ooo that brace!)
try to bear weight when Mommy holds me up (double ooo that brace)
reach for things and grab at them
eat cereal and carrots!
turn in the direction of voices
get mad when my favorite toys are taken away
smile at others
laugh at things I love (especially other babies and animals)

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