Monday, January 4, 2010


Oh yes, and we've had some fun things happen in the past few days (namely New Year's) of which I have no pictures so here is a list:
1. Grandma Jo visited.
2. Aunt Ra visited and brought Hanukkah Harry.
3. Liv went to bed right on time and slept all the way through until New Year's Day (yay!)!
4. Frank and I did not go to bed on time.
5. We all went to New Year's Day mass at OMGC, the start of their Jubilee Year!
6. We all went to a Timmy and Danielle's for a little New Year's Day party. Yay for brownies!
7. We saw Mom Mom, Pop Pop and Aunt Gina on Saturday.
8. We laid low on Sunday so we could all mentally prepare for going to work on Monday!

And that is a summary of our very exciting & busy life. This post occupied a good minute of your life that you will never get back. Good luck with that.

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