Saturday, January 16, 2010

9 Month Photos

Last weekend, I did the monthly photo shoot. I had a cute outfit all picked out but was in the process of changing her when I thought I'd snap some nudey-dudey shots. These are actually my favorites, but I did include some clothed photos. There aren't many pics of Livie looking at the camera smiling this time around. Interestingly, she was so much more active! I struggled to keep her attention or to keep her still! Frank and I are really seeing a difference in how much she is doing (thank you, Miss Janet!).

She and Monty have aso developed quite the friendship. He's been so great with her; Vito also, of course, is calmer around Liv, but we are noticing that Monty really tries to play! Just yesterday, hand to God, she was throwing balls at him so he could chase them around. At first I thought she was just throwing balls, but then I realized that she was intentionally looking for him and throwing them in his direction. When he would run after them, she laughed and threw another. I was so amazed by her! Later in the evening, she even threw the balls at me and laughed when I rolled them back to her. She's becoming such a little person!

I know the angle of this picture makes her look small but I had to get the beanbag out so that we could compare growth. Once upon a time she laid in the beanbag and was smaller than the chair... now all she wants is to get out of the darn thing!

You can really see how much she wants to crawl after Monty here. In the past two weeks or so she has become very skilled at going from a seated to a belly position. This past Wednesday (coincidentally also the day she went home sick from daycare) she showed us how well she can now roll from her back to her belly! We laid her down in her crib at bedtime and had to check on her multiple times in the first 10 minutes because she kept flipping onto her belly and getting stuck -- legs or arms sticking out the crib slats. It was such a sorry sight, but she's gotten the hang of it a little more. And now she's sleeping on her belly which is pretty darn cute!

Just another Olivia face. She is clearly trying to tell me how bored she is. Be sure to check out those legs!!

Here she is reaching for one of her favorite "toys." If it's a cell phone or a remote, watch out! And don't bother giving her a remote without batteries; she knows the difference. Today she threw the Olivia Remote on the floor and reached for the real one on the coffee table. Such a scooch.

These two photos are my favorite sequence. I was yelling at Monty who was trying to get into her bathtub (which I had placed on the stair landing and out of the shot). This, as you can see, caused Olivia to become a tad upset.

And here she is playing with an actual toy; I noticed in December that Olivia is really trying to figure out how toys work. Her big toy from Santa was a ball ramp toy; she is already putting the balls down the ramp, in the elephant's ears so they fall out its mouth, and in and out of the hippo's mouth where we store them [so Monty doesn't play or paw them out of sight].

At nine months, Olivia...
is taking swim lessons and loves splashing and kicking
babbles or chats using pitches, tones, and inflection (like speaking in gibberish)
says mama, dada, and cat
uses her own sign for sleep
shakes her head no when she doesn't want to eat more
waves bye bye when she doesn't like something
will make sounds in a back and forth game with someone
works to get a toy that's out of reach
looks for dropped objects
gets upset when a preferred object is taken away
picks up tiny objects with her fingers not her palm
plays ball (with Mommy or Monty)
puts toys in and out of containers
goes from seated to belly position
rolls from back to belly fairy well
waves hi and bye
reacts when I say no (this doesn't mean she listens but she stops & looks with a pitiful look)
imitates easy arm/hand motor movements

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