Sunday, September 6, 2009

America's Pasttime

This is something I've been meaning to post for about 2 weeks now, and since I'm reminiscing about my summer with Olivia, I thought now was a perfect time.

We felt a little trapped this summer with Olivia being in the spica cast. We were told not to take her too far in the car seat since it was not the absolute safest seat for a child her size, but it was the safest option for someone her size in a spica cast. Before Olivia had her surgery, we had planned to go up north and visit family and see the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The reservation was set, and we just prayed that the darn thing would come off before our "vacation." Ultimately, it did not, and while we decided to cut the trip incredibly short, we also made the decision to still go to Cooperstown, NY. Now, for those of you who could care less about baseball, Cooperstown is the Mecca of baseball. I've been there but Frank had not and really wanted to go. And this year, for his birthday, his parents gave him a membership to the Hall of Fame as well as a gift certificate to The Inn at Cooperstown I felt very strongly that we, as a family, needed to get out of town for a bit and relax. Plus, the Phillies World Series display would come down after October (unless they win again but then we'd need to take a whole new trip!). Here are some of my favorite pictures (with commentary, of course) from the trip.

This was our "house." Yes, this building was where we stayed -- the whole thing. I let Frank make the reservation with the only caveat being that it had to have access to a refrigerator. This is what we got: the luxury suite... it slept 5 and had a staircase. But since it also had a refrigerator, who was I to complain. Thank you, Mom Mom and Pop Pop, for the gift certificate.

We were celebrating the Phils 1st place standing in the NL East. I think Olivia was most excited.

We took this picture for Uncle Matthew but then I realized Mickey Mantle's head was cut off (which is why I had Frank take the second picture). Olivia was so impressed by his stats that she chewed on her hand. I can't wait to show these to her future boyfriends...

Here's Olivia with Harry who is greatly missed.

I think this picture speaks for itself. We had to edge out some little leaguers to get this gem.
The whole family in front of the World Series display featuring the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies (can you tell we are fans?). Again, Olivia is the most enthusiastic person in this picture.

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