Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5 Months Plus!

I didn't have an opportunity to post these before (it's amazing how work can exhaust and consume a person!). They are some of my favorites from Olivia's 5 month photo shoot... of course, she'll be 6 months before too long but better late than never...

Kisses for Bear and Livie. I think I found a new photo for the "Mommy and Me" frame.

And then, Mommy was like "Oh, Olivia," so I was like...

Lovin on Bear. We stopped sending Bear to school for this very reason!

Olivia loves books... and eating her hand.

At 5 months old, Olivia has been through so much! She is out of her cast and into a brace. She weighs 14 lbs 10 oz (on Sept. 11th). Olivia can:
babble using consonants and vowels (still one syllable)
smile at everyone, thus stealing the hearts of all her teachers
hold herself up when on her tummy
try to roll over (the brace gets in the way a little)
hold toys with one or two hands
grab at and take toys
hold on tight to objects when someone tries to take it away
put her hands together in front of her
mouth everything!
follow small objects with her eyes
loves animals! and books!
bear weight on her very flimsy legs when being held by an adult
look when she hears familiar voices
blow bubbles... lots of bubbles... and raspberries
push away from Mommy when she's done feeding

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