Friday, August 14, 2009

Erin Cooks & the Gastrokid

Ok, so Rebekah and I have been talking about cooking and cooking for kids lately. She posted a link to a blog called Erin Cooks which I've been following ever since. The blog includes many recipes and tips as well as yummy looking pictures. Sometimes I enjoy just looking at the delicious pictures... lol, I do love food!

Anyway, Erin, the blogger, has posted a contest for a cookbook called The Gastrokid Cookbook. Essentially, she writes that the goal of the cookbook is to encourage cooking sophisticated and nutritious meals that are also appealing to kids. You can read more about it by clicking here. I'm totally in love with this idea because I'd like to raise Olivia to appreciate food the way Frank and I do (well-portioned, healthy, complex flavors, yummy and easy to do!). So, if you post a reply on her blog post (can you follow that?), you are "entered" to win a free copy of the book. Check it out and check out the rest of her blog... unless you're hungry. You may want to eat a snack first. ;-)

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