Saturday, August 8, 2009

Celebration & Week 3... Snacks

Friday marked the start of Week 3 in Change One: Snacks. It also marked the 3rd consecutive day of something huge in my weight loss journey. My BMI went below 30! This means that I am no longer classified as "obese," just "overweight." I will say this -- the Wii still has that tiny Ralph Wiggam voice that yells out "That's overweight!" after measuring your weight & making the calculations. Still, it was a huge victory for me. Of course, we concluded the week with some Famous Dave's for dinner, so this morning my BMI went back up over 30. Two steps forward, one step back but it's still an overall downward trend. We were at a Phillies game tonight that included a BBQ competition beforehand so I'm dreading tomorrow's weigh-in. On a different note, is it weird that I love how the Wii graphs your progress and data? I love graphs.

So I'm working on eating better snacks as well as maintaining breakfast and lunch as of yesterday. I've been doing really well maintaining breakfast and lunch. Snacks are tough, not because I want to eat poorly but more because I need to eat more than what this plan suggests due to breastfeeding Olivia. This plan recommends 2 snacks that are no more than 100 calories each. Unfortunately, I need to get an extra 500 calories in my diet to ensure that Olivia gets enough milk. So, instead of limiting myself to two snacks, I'm paying attention to when I'm hungry and eating a healthy snack that is between 100 and 200 calories. I try really hard to make sure the snack contains protein and fiber and more often than not has a dairy/calcium component. It's going well... except today. I do love pulled pork and other BBQ eats. Of course I was rewarded with a stomachache.

Monday is Olivia's 4 month birthday!! We will definitely be having a photo shoot so be on the lookout. I also will be posting some other pictures of her and some of the babies from the prenatal yoga class I took in my first and second trimesters. It's fun to see all the ladies again and the babies that we only knew as "bumps." Stay tuned!

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