Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Even though I'm a little backblogged, I felt this should take priority (since it's date-based). Today is our anniversary so I wanted to post a wedding photo or two (we bought the copyright from the photographer so it's ok that I'm posting this) in honor of the event. In case anyone is looking for a fantastic wedding photographer in the greater Rochester, NY area -- I highly recommend Dan Paniccia of Photo Emphasis. The entire day was filled with family, friends, and many a memory... good times were had by all -- although I don't think my brother remembers most of them.
Believe it or not but I was not entirely sober in this picture. I do remember exactly what we are talking about: This is some damn good cake. And it was, friends, it was.

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  1. congratulations you two! hard to believe its been what - 2 years already? wow!


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