Monday, November 30, 2009

Recipe for Success?

Step 1: Rush to Genuardi's on Thanksgiving Day to buy organic produce & ground turkey. This ensures fresh produce and no crowds. Drive like a maniac home. Prep food for cooking. Lie to husband that this won't take that long.

Step 2: Boil apples. Bake sweet potatoes. Steam carrots (darn nitrates!). Saute turkey in water.

Step 3: Let cool (see picture). Oh and shower, get dressed, get the baby dressed, and pack her diaper bag.

Step 4: Puree using food processor and water. Divvy out that day and the next's portions for meals. Freeze extra using only available containers which may or may not be freezer appropriate.

Step 5: Present food to baby using same utensils and bowls as usual. Pretend like it came in a jar. Use enthusiastic tone (e.g. "Yaay, applesauce! Yummy carrots!").

Step 6: Feed baby. Hold breath as you wait for reaction.

Step 7: Stay positive.

Step 8: Keep going. Do not offer jarred food as alternative despite best puppy dog eyes.

Step 9: Be a good sport. And be proud of yourself for feeding your child wholesome, organic Thanksgiving goodness.

**This post brought to you by my neighbor Danielle &**

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