Saturday, July 11, 2009

One Plus One Makes Two

In honor of Olivia's 3 month birthday, I dug up and scanned some pictures of Frank and me in our adorable youth. I was trying to find 3 month pictures of the two of us, but apparently both of our parents decided NOT to go to K-Mart for that milestone... so the closest I got was about 4 months -- still pretty darn cute. You can decide who Olivia looks more like.

Here is Frank:
Here is Alicia:
And here is Miss Olivia:
I included this one, too, because she has this "Haaa--ey!" kind of look to her.

Technically this one was taken over the 4th of July, but it's the best close-up of her face that we have so far in case anyone is really trying to determine which side of the family she most resembles... let the great debate continue!

At three months, the Livster can do all this:
hold her head up
make eye contact with people
initiate an interaction by smiling
smile in response to a smile
imitate someone opening their mouth and sticking out their tongue
grip on to something (we are working on reaching for things but she's got the grip!)
follow toys or other objects with her eyes
blow bubbles (thanks, Mom Mom!)

Here is a video of Olivia and Mom Mom (hope I did this right!) having a "chat."

We certainly have a lot to be proud of!

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  1. This video is priceless! It's always the big events, birthdays, holidays etc., that everyone captures. I love the everyday moments and the magic of "just another day". Each one is a gift, and if I could find a way to record every day, I would. Thank you for sharing your magic moment! Steph


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