Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the JOY of LOVE

It's all about perspective, right? I kept reminding myself of that during the mini-shoot with Li'l Miss Thang tonight. I'm slowly figuring out how to use light better, but it's still frustrating when I don't have the natural light that I need to get a clear shot.

The peanut was her usual boisterous, pre-two self. I took quite a few photos for the JOY of LOVE assignment: what they do. These are my favorites, but I only submitted the last two to the group.

Larger than Life. I love how she looks like she could squash the kitchen set.

Busy Feet.

Paused. A rare moment stopped in her tracks.

Glued. 5pm means Curious George in our house. Jealous? Yeah, you are.

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