Sunday, January 16, 2011

40 Before 40 Checklist

If you read the post from last year, you'll learn I don't really make resolutions. I set goals, which some people would argue is exactly what a resolution is. However, I'd like to think of a goal as having an end date, a moment in time when you can check the item off the list and say, "Done." Resolutions are often ways people try to make themselves healthier, wealthier, or wiser but tend to be vague, such as "Go to the gym more." Maybe it's my profession, but I want these things to be measurable!

Last year, I put a big priority on weight loss, and I am pleased to say I lost 20 POUNDS! My BMI is slightly above 25%. I finally found my happy pace, and it's about 1 - 1.5 minutes quicker than a year ago. I can fit in almost all of my pre-baby clothes, and what could not be salvaged was donated to my sister-in-law. So, it's time to set my sights on other things. Having crossed the age barrier and entered the 30s, I've decided to make this more of a 40 before 40 list. That means, when next year rolls around, don't complain; some of these items will be checked off in future years.

Here goes:
1. Run Broad Street with Frank.
2. Learn more about my new camera, including reading a book or taking a class, so that I can use the aperture.
3. Bake a flavored cake from scratch (forget vanilla or chocolate, my sights are set on bigger and better things!).
4. Take Liv on a plane.
5. Buy a new-to-me car.
6. Baby numero dos.
7. Lose 10 more pounds and be below 25% BMI.
8. Blog more than 35 times per year (shame on me for 2010!).
9. Buy a new computer (which will help #8).
10. Get my insurance fitness reimbursement AGAIN!
11. Run the Disney World Princess Half-Marathon. In a tutu. And a tiara.
12. Learn to knit. Make a scarf.
13. Renovate our kitchen.
14. Renovate our bathroom.
15. Buy a single family home with 4 bedrooms and a driveway.
16. Unpack the office.
17. Go to San Francisco.
18. Buy a coffee from the first Starbucks in Seattle.
19. Take a piano lesson. Or two.
20. Consign any clothes that our child(ren) have outgrown at least once.
21. Take a baking class.
22. Take another cake decorating class.
23. Repaint the living/dining room.
24. Replace the hardware on all the doors in our entire house.
25. Write a letter to the editor.
26. Grow an herb(s?) which is then used in our family's cooking.
27. Baby numero tres?
28. Move to any of the following towns: HT/HF, Na, or WW.
29. Run a mile with Olivia, who will also be running.
30. Volunteer with Olivia once per year.
31. Run 500 miles in one calendar year.
32. Make a speech at an event.
33. Read a "classic" novel.
34. Learn and then do some DIY home project that would usually involve paying someone.
35. Sew or make a school costume for Olivia (or any other future child).
36. Pay off a credit card or debt (note: just one, not all).
37. Swim for fitness (meaning go to the gym with the sole intent of "swimming laps" or whatever that means).
38. Have dinner at a 5 star restaurant.
39. Go to Europe.
40. Write a chapter of a novel.

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