Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Manolo Blahniks

With the Livster utilizing her new walking feet, I recognized the need to head to a local children's shoe store to size her feet. Poor kid -- to say she was wearing too-small shoes is being generous. The wonderful ladies sized her up (a size 4!) and put her in some very comfortable Robeez mini-shoes. As you can see, they are tres adorable. Unfortunately, they are already worn in the picture because I kept forgetting to take a shot, and by the time I remembered, she'd had them for about 5 days. In child-land, this is the equivalent of eternity, so I was uber lucky they hadn't been completely demolished in the regular playyard trips the young toddlers room takes.

Anyway, I am of sound, mind, and body and am fully aware that name-brand shoes can be bought online for less HOWEVER I found it incredibly important to have someone well-versed in baby shoes sizing her. Now I have a point of comparison and am already shopping for better deals.

And it turns out, we have quite the shoe diva on our hands! Before we even had ownership of the pretty silver sparklies, Livie was refusing to wear her cheapie Target faux mary janes in simple pink fabric. She would pick up the, only slightly bigger, Children's Place pink faux suede mary janes and wave them at me, then promptly sit on the floor. Post-Robeez possession, and on a number of occassions, she has come downstairs and "demanded" her shoes be put on. While Frank and I slowly trudge along behind her, she walks to her shoes, picks them up, says a quick one syllable sound (often "doos" or "da!") and then throws them at us. On a good day, she carries them to some [probably far-off considering the state of the house right now] clear spot on the floor where she sits down and says/makes the same sound/motion. Recently, she has done this with her on-deck shoes (ones that are slightly too big right now)... while wearing the current Robeez. When we ignore her, she follows us around, waving the future fashion statement until we comment.

Frank has already predicted a closet brimming with the latest must-haves. Meanwhile, I am trying to figure out how a love of shoes is hereditary and crossing my fingers that DSW will satiate her pinings!
(Also her 14 month birthday!)

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