Monday, May 31, 2010

Vote for Livie!

Soooo I entered Olivia in the Parents Magazine Cover Kid Contest. She is pretty cute after all. The judges ultimately choose 10 kids to go to NYC for a photoshoot, BUT one of those spots is a Readers' Choice. Each week, showcases photos voted most liked by viewers, and of these, a weekly Readers' Choice Fave is crowned. Then, at the end of the contest, those weekly winners are pooled together for a ginormous vote-off on who gets the Readers' Choice Finalist spot.

Whew. Where'm I goin' with this?

Olivia is in the weekly Readers' Choice most liked RIGHT NOW! So go vote for her! We have until June 6th to make our lovely lady a child star. WARNING: the voting process has two parts to make sure all votes are legit! Once you hit "vote for me," you also have to fill out a short quoted phrase before the vote is submitted. This is done to make sure people like me don't set up some computer program that just votes for my kid all day.

So go! What are you doin'?!?! Vote for by clicking here. Vote often!


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